Vali architects not working in sketch up 2024

Yesterday I upgraded my sketchup to 2024, and now all my vali architect plug ins are not working.
I have installed them on 2024.
I have enabled
I have approved unidentified extensions
I have restarted my computer

The plug ins still work on 2023, but when I try in the 2024 version, It doesnt react. It doesnt even give me an error message, it just doesnt do anyting. Help!

Contact the author and see if he has updated the extensions to work in SketchUp 2024. Maybe he already has and you only need to install the updates.

Thank you,
I just reached out to him. I will post his response when I get one!

I am having the same issue, so will be grateful when you get a response! Thanks for reaching out to the author.