V Ray and Layout

I am using V Ray to render and I have my safe frame on to set up scenes. I was not expecting the frame to show up in Layout, but they do in all my scenes. Is there a best practice to not have them show up in layout other then remembering to turn the safe frame on and off as I use each program?

Best practice would be to reset or turn off the safe frames for the scenes you’ll be using in your document before sending to LayOut.

That’s what I’ve been doing as i work back and forth with the file, its a pain.
I was hoping there was a better workaround.

I suppose you could create a set of scenes to use with Vray and another set without the safe frames to use with LayOut.

unfortunately it does not work that way. Turning on the safe frame turns it on in all scene. the only work around i find is to create 2 identical files, 1 safe frame on the other safe frame off and save any change from one to the other. a lot of work.

How badly do you need the safe frames? Maybe you don’t really need them.