V 2024 Print Distortion when Printing 1/4 in Legal


  • 2024 Version
  • Layout
  • Export to PDF - 1/4"
  • Print in Legal

Issue - Printing exported PDF become distorted.

Solutions tried:
1/8" Letter works, but the print is too small.
I tried a new Layout File - didn’t work

Are you just reporting something or are you hoping for help? If the latter, you need to provide more information.

What kind of distortion are you getting? What are you using to print the PDF?

Share the .layout file and the .pdf file so we can see what you have set up

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The default answer would be to uncheck any “fit to page” type settings in the Print dialog in the application you are using to print PDF files, and check that the page size you use in LayOut actually matches the paper in your printer.

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