Using the Follow me Tool

Hello. New using sketchup and I am trying to draw a plot of land and add walls/fences around the different plots before adding trees/houses.

Been looking around options for a good way to add walls around the plot and saw the follow me tool. My thought would be to build a wall ans stretch it along the land plot edge lines. I’m sure i am not using the tool correct as all the sides of the “post” i am trying to make into the wall is note copying across. What could I be doing wrong? Adding a gif to show what I am experiencing. Thank you much.


Is the rectangle aligned with that edge?

You can do like this

but first it’s good to start learning the basics of SketchUp at:

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And of course, once you’ve learned that in SketchUp raw geometry is sticky and it’s necessary and appropriate to use groups to delineate different elements, you’ll create that model like this:


Thanks for the explanation. Issue I seem to be having is the plot im trying to use is not perfect squares/rectangles but lines in uneven angles. That seems to be throwing me off. Heres a screenshot of the plot. I am trying to wall/fence off each individual plot piece in here.

You’re welcome!

I suspected and that’s why I told you that it is not oriented parallel to the edge, and in the example I gave you I used and noted the angle of 97.9 °. The principle is the same and you can use Follow me or Offset and PushPull.

What version are you using? The Free Web version or SketchUp 2020 Pro?

I played around with your instructions and seemed to be able to get this working. Now have a slight different issue. I’m trying to keep a gap in the wall for a gate but the follow me method does a whole square. I added a line to separate the plot and selected the lines except for the gate, but it draws over the gate as well. Tried to see if could use the split tool but it says its not a solid object.



Again, make a little effort and learn the basics of SketchUp by following the tutorials from:

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Thank you much this makes things so much easier. I will review the tutorials as you recommended. Appreciate all the help!

You’re welcome!
Those tutorials are made by SketchUp professionals especially for beginners to help them.