Using Sketchup with Trimble Catalyst GPS antenna

Has anyone used a Trimble Catalyst DA1 to plot real points into sketchup…I am looking for a way to quickly plot property lines , building corners, and septic tanks and lines for as builts and county records.

Note that 3D applications using OpenGL or DirectX graphics don’t work well with real world coordinates that may result to points residing thousands of kilometers from the origin point. Most projects require that you set up a local origin and axis directions and use that as the basis of your model. The position of the local origin in the real world coordinate system must be documented.

maybe @David.v.Schoonhoven knows?

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That would be the job of the BIM-coordinator, doesn’t it?

Sounds like there is not really an easy “blue collar” way to plot utilities underground in 2d for a scaled plot plan…unfortunate since I spend hours hand drawing plot plans for the county’s recorded septic plans.

The best way to use the Catalyst antenna is in combination of a measuring app on your device. Such as TerraFlex or Penmap. Or other apps like our own Geomeet app. Then your import your points as a .CSV file into SketchUp with PointCap or something like that.