GPS points into sketchup

I am wanting to create landscape riparian plans using sketchup.
The accuracy is not clear enough from aerial so i would like to use drone aerial and or gps points and then import into sketchup. I am wondering if i can use a app from my phone and then import into google earth then to sketchup. I have spent some time this morning mucking about with it. I cant seem to figure it out.

In essence, I would like to walk a path in the field, then plot this into sketchup.
From here I know how to create the plan.

Hi @bridgetstudholme,

i haven’t tried any app that could do that, but it is a subject of mutual interest, so i digged a bit into google store and found one free app, (from android) that might be worth a shot.

Mobile Topographer Free

exports to this files:

*** Export point lists το:

  • .txt (text file)
  • .csv (point file - comma separated)
  • .kml (google earth file)
  • .gpx (Gps Exchange format)
  • .dxf (drawing file)

so i think it could actually give you a hand.

Not sure if in the SketchUp community someone has used this app or a similar one that could achieve this.

Most of the google earths 3d models of some areas are not very accurate, and that’s quite understandable, i can imagine how huge would be the effort the have the whole earth topographically registered!

Hope this might work for you, if not, it is always good to know other tools.

One question, is it to make a 3d path of the riparian landscape or just the plans? asking this because if it is for a 3d demonstration, theres a great program that could help you make a real time render model of this. Take a look at Twinmotion :wink:

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Thank you @ Leo_Valente, I have a apple phone but will look into it, the plans are 2d, but I have been doing some landscape concepts in 3d. The Twinmotion looks amazing, i will look into it. Guessing it might be a bit costly for my level at the moment. I plan to get into finding out alot more in sketchup in this coming year. Thankyou for your reply.

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There may be an easier option. If you can find the location in Google maps, for where you want to know accurately what its coordinates are, right-click and select What’s here? That will show a small panel that includes the coordinates. You can copy and paste the numbers into SketchUp’s Add Location window. My desk is at 40.018352, -105.242331.

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You’re most welcome @bridgetstudholme. In my opinion so far, the way Twinmotion works with Sketchup is really awesome! i’ve been working with it for a few months now, and its actually pretty easy.

Regarding Sketchup, there’s a lot of great information out there! i did a basic course online, and found that the best i’ve learned was with some video tutorials in youtube.

best of luck in this project of yours :wink: