Using Plyboo for cabinets


Hello Everyone, I am designing a kitchen. The cabinet doors and drawer faces will be made of Plyboo. Specifically this exact material:

How do I use this in my model? Can I cut it up into the pieces that I will need and place those pieces where I want them.


I don’t understand your question as it relates to SketchUp. You can draw panels for your doors with the specified thickness of the Plyboo. That should be all you need to do. If you want to use images to create textures to represent the material, you’ll need a better image than the one you show. You’ll need one that is shot straight on to the face.


HI DaveR, Thanks very much for your reply. I’ve been looking for a flat image to apply to my door and drawer faces but this one was all I’ve been able to locate. I’ll keep looking. If you can steer me towards where to look for a sketchup Plyboo-Amber image I’d appreciate it greatly. Otherwise I’ll have to make my own. Thank you again for your help.


Don’t limit yourself to looking for “Plyboo” images. I expect you can find other images of bamboo veneer. or bamboo plywood. It’s not difficult to make your own textures from decent photographs.


OK. Thanks :grinning:


OR you can edit what you’ve already downloaded.

Explode the component, or edit it, so that you can use the push/pull tool to resize it.

That will save you the trouble of having to track down three distinct textures and reapplying them to everything.

…you do of course still have access to the three textures that were used for this 3D warehouse model.


Thanks Jim. I’ll try that.


Hi Jim, Thanks for the great tip. I exploded the sheet of plyboo and was able to take pieces and attach them to my cabinets.Thanks again. Max


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