Using plants effectively in a layout scene

Hi there,

I’m a garden designer and I’m trying to improve my efficiency in creating models for clients.

I’m aware that there’s a bunch of low poly/size 2D components on the warehouse and I know about features such as follow me but the reality is, it is still extremely labourious to place these components in the right place.

Additionally, I’m exploring the option of creating scenes in layout using one of the sketch style renders which generates and images in black and white but then painting these by hand. Part of the problem with this option is that, using these render options, the 2d components are lost (see screenshot - the rectangle shapes being where the plants should be). Is there an extension or some other way around this? i.e. is it possible to have a sketch style finish in layout which is in black and white but maintains the outline of the plant images OR is there some way to represent generic planting without having to manually place every component? Second image shows an example of a (presumably hand drawn) image where someof the planting is clearly shown whereas this becomes more generic outlines into the distance of the image.

Thanks as always

Do you have an example of a plan/layout where you want to position the plants and what method do you use for this? How do you use Follow Me in this case?

You need 2D Face Me components made for this (geometry), not just pictures.
Learn how to create them

Since the sketchy style you are using includes the Hidden Line face style, the texture images on the plants will not show. Since they are simple png images with transparency they show the rectangle of the images. I can think of a couple of possible options. One moight be to use Image Trimmer from the SKM Tools by TIG (Sketchucation) to trim away the transparent pixels. With the complexity of most plant images this will be very time consuming.

Another option might be to use simplified plant shapes. I’ve got some sketchy trees in the ancient model I show below. If you are going to use the plants with the transparent png images you might consider using stacked viewports as I’ve shown in the bottom image. The viewport showing the trees is stacked on top of the viewport showing the house.

If you’re planning to hand color over them maybe the sketchy plants are more suitable anyway.

Maybe you would make your own 2D face-me plant components from your hand drawn images and use those in your SketchUp models.