Using photo shop to add grass to an existing rendering

Wondering if you can add grass to an existing rendering using Photoshop? If so will it change the terrain in doing so?

I have sometimes selected the area, painted it green, added noise and used the motion blur filter. Terrain won’t be changed.

You can do all sorts with Photoshop.

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thanks for the reply Anssi much appreciated

Thanks Colin

That answered my question: to achieve this are you picking a lawn with similar grade and size and fitting in the space using photoshop. Can you also add rocks to the shoreline using the same method.

Photoshop has 'generative fill". For the first image I selected the white ground and asked for “grass field”. I also did a sky replace.

For this image, I selected everything except the building, and asked for “grassy field next to a rocky beach lake with dragons flying in a thunderstorm”.


Hi Colin

Thanks very much for the reply. Very helpful.

Enjoy the rest of the week.