Using part of 3D models in an academic figure



Hello everyone,
Only need to use basic 3D models in a figure for publication:

  • they won’t be the goal of the figure or message
  • will represent 10% of the entire figure
  • will be ~2-3 cm of the final figure size at 100% zoom
  • will be a figure and not 3D file
  • no commercial goal
  • academic/publication/science/education information only
  • I can’t find any way to contact the makers…
    Can I rely on fair use/academic goal. I am not using the models to steal secrets or technical details, or unique features, except all I want to do is to communicate an overall message about my own figure and not the model itself…
    Please help!!!


An user forum is not a good venue for legal advice. I understand that what is publicly available in the 3D Warehouse is essentially free to use in any way you like, but to get a competent answer you would have to have your lawyer read the legalese in the TOS.



No Unfortunately TOS do not have that info.
Also I do not have any advantage, legal means commercial for me, or bad intention. No legal advice,
I am asking to use the models for general message only. Not asking for laws and obstacles.


I think that this is not too difficult to understand even for a non-lawyer like me:

The Trimble employees who visit here generally do not answer legal questions, and the only thing you would get from them would probably be a reference to the same TOS.



"the applicable Developer owns all right, title and interest in and to the Model, including without limitation all Intellectual Property Rights therein."
yes, but does that mean “SKETCHUP” is giving all rights to the user who posted the model? haha … lol… it is all open to interpretation. Complicated what the model is and what it contains and where it came from.


And the model is too complicated to trace it modified?
Do you have an example model?


Which is why you need to consult a lawyer for an opinion - and as always with lawyers even that doesn’t guarantee the advice is right!