3D models: permission for academic publication

Hello everyone,
Only need to use basic 3D models in a figure for publication:

  • they won’t be the goal of the figure or message
  • will represent 10% of the entire figure
  • will be ~2-3 cm of the final figure size at 100% zoom
  • will be a figure and not 3D file
  • no commercial goal
  • academic/publication/science/education information only
    Am I allowed to do so?

Please do not double post.


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I need a quick reply from different categories. Help answers only. THanks

I guess this won’t be help either…but what @Anssi means is that most readers here look at all the categories and skip based on the topic title, not based on the category or tags. So, posting in multiple categories or tags isn’t likely to get you more answers or better answers than a single post.

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