Using LayOut to make Shop Drawings with Tyson, Live!

You asked for it so you are going to get it!! Tyson is going to fire up LayOut and show you how he would go about making shop drawings from an existing SketchUp Model!

Stop on by YouTube to check it out 2021-10-01T18:00:00Z


Cool! I’m interested to see how is method varies from mine. Bet I learn something.

será un tutorial bien interesante para aprender, ahí estaré como siempre, saludos

YouTube link


Will be there!

Cool - tbh i rarely bother with layout. Just take the dimensions off the model and export image or screenshot.

Looking forward to this one! Everyone uses SU and Layout in a different way, so it’s really great to see how the experts :wink: solve things.

I just wish I could solve the notification of these things … still don’t get any for these events …

I use SketchUp and Layout for many things, but one of the things I do the most is designing tube and joint structures like flowracks and then making assembly plans.

If I were to make a video of my workflow in making these assembly plans, would you all watch it and give feedback? Feedback such as better practices or things i can do to speed up the process or make the end result more clear to the assemblers.