Using LayOut like adobe illustrator?



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We currently use PDFs exported from LayOut and then import them into illustrator in order to create marketing materials.
Is there a way to use LayOut for this whole process that would be more effective and efficient?


What is it you do in LayOut now? What is it you add in Illustrator? Very likely you can do most if not all in LayOut.


My boss is proficient with Illustrator. I am proficient with drafting software and fairly proficient with SketchUp and LayOut.
I will check about posting examples here.


On thing that’s missing in LayOut is adding gradients to fills. That’s pretty much required for vector illustration. But beyond that, I can’t think of much else that LayOut can’t do.


LayOut accepts SketchUp files, text, image and spreadsheets/tables plus you can draw in LayOut. The drawing tools aren’t quite so sophisticated in LayOut but you might be able to do a lot if not all of what you need. As Eric points out, gradients are not a thing LO does but you might be able to use images of gradients depending on how you are using them.


You may have to find a hybrid process where 90% of it is done in SU+LO utilizing your knowledge and then export in layers that can be refined the last 10% in Illustrator. Not a bad idea to have an Illustrator-compatible file type as you may have to share files at some point and that would make others lives easier.