Using a tablet and 3x button pen for Sketchup actually works very well

I simply wanted to confirm this in case there is anyone looking for an alternative to using a mouse.
In my case I have developed the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome but my work is almost exclusively modeling in Sketchup. So finding a solution was no small matter.
There are surely several workarounds for my problem but I can only share mine with confidence.
A three button pen is essential but not many are available but I found and purchased Xencelabs small tablet a month ago which has two pens one 2xbutton and one 3x button.
I am not sponsored in any way by them by the way. Just a normal customer.
Its a great tablet and works flawlessly in my opinion. Exelent for other programs as well.
The size is a very personal choice and I actually should have gone for the bigger one.
So in the settings software for this tablet you need to create specific profiles for programs. For sketchup I created the following under: 3-Button Pen:

  • Bottom button I assigned “middle click” (as your mouse would)
  • Middle button I assigned “zoom” Alt+e ( the Alt+e I made before hand in Sketchup shortcuts under Camera/Zoom, you can create any key combo really for this.)
  • Top button I assigned to “right click” (as your mouse would)
    One more setting is imperative and that is under Pen Tablet you must uncheck Windows Ink.
    Bear in mind that this applies for Sketchup and your profiles for other programs might need Windows Ink. I had to contact their customer service for this very important info. They were excellent.
    Also I am of course using many keyboard shortcuts with my left hand…q-select, w-move,e-scale,r-rotate…and many more.
    Carpal tunnel problems have are almost gone. I also tried a vertical style mouse which helps some but using pen and tablet seems to be a permanent solution.
    Take care
    P.S contact me if Im unclear about any of this or if I can somehow help with more info