User License management for my models



I usually provide my models to my contracted partners, and I would like to allow them to use my models only as long as their contratcts exist.
Any idea how to prohibit my former partners to further use my models after their contracts are broken?

Can I set an expiration date to the models, or require password from users when they open my models?

Any idea would be very much appreciated, and thanks in advance.


Do they use the models to add information and further manipulate / develop them?


Hello Julian

They usually don’t, just open and use for demonstration purposes. But sometimes they manipulate them too.


If they’re not manipulating then you could try a 3D PDF technique. It will
help protect your model, but they’ll have access to it (zoom in out pan
turn etc) for as long as they have the 3D PDF.


PDF won’t do, because they should be able to use and and manipulate the dynamic components as long as they are permitted,


you should have mentioned that to start with and posted in the DC section…

there has been many discussions on protecting DC’s which can only be done if an Extension is used to supply and control them…

Even then they will still have the ‘ordinary’ components when your Extension retires…

like any business assets, an enforced legally binding contract would be preferable…



Do you know which extension is to be used?


it would need to be written specifically for your circumstances…

you will either need to learn Ruby or commission a developer…

the .skp file format is deliberately accessible using code making even ‘protected’ models vulnerable when in use…

I would suggest ‘copyright’ a much easier approach.

however, others are working on solutions for their own DC’s and may be willing to aid in your decisions going forward…

an outline of your situation in the collaborators or Ruby topics may be a good start…



Agreed with John that even “protected” models are not 100% foolproof.

If you are interested, try going through the below post to check it out.


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