Protecting DC with Password or Attributes in Cloud

I’m looking for solutions for Attribute Protection (password or similar)

One of the necessary resources that I am thinking about for the sale of Models (Dynamic Component - DC), is the protection of the developed codes:

1- The ideal would be to password protect the Component Attributes window.

2 - or create a plugin that creates a second blank window for the selected object (my model) that is on top of the attributes window, not allowing visualization.

3 - another option would be to generate a link for each attribute (custom variables) that lead to some document, where the formulas can be stored in the cloud.

  • The interesting thing about storing in the cloud is that when the license expires (payment verification), automatically all the Attribute formulas would be “erased” or turned into zero, making it impossible to use the model

o Cloud files can be:
an HTML file
Google Sheets

the current warehouse allows downloading the model file, which is free and the user can manipulate and copy the codes developed from the DC.

For me it is important that the user has access to all the options of the model, to manipulate size and other options included (not only to be 3D visual) but that he does not have access to the codes.

First, because a lay user could incorrectly change the codes.

second, an experienced user could copy and replicate the code, and it would be unfair (pirating the technology that took months to develop)

third, because cloud code would allow me to update remotely and make the model more efficient periodically.

does sketchup have licensing systems for products created by the software? Engines like Unity3D, Unreal and others have this system.

What you guys think about this question?

thank you very much