Use ruby to flip a camera from left to right?

folks, i’ve encountered this mystery need to created a “reflected bottom view” - i.e. it’s a standard bottom view but got to have same orientation with top view.

search here but yet to find any solutions yet, basically the actions are:
1 set a bottom view
2 flip the left to right
3 flip the bottom to top
while not moving the entities… only flip the…

Thanks in advance

Go to a Top view scene … then

def create_reflected_view
  model = Sketchup.active_model
  view = model.active_view
  cam =
  up_vector = cam.up
  target_point =
  old_eye = cam.eye
  pages = model.pages
  old_name =
  reflected_scene = pages.add('Reflection of '<<old_name)
  reflected_scene.use_camera = true
  vector = old_eye.vector_to(target_point)
  new_eye = target_point.transform(vector), target_point, up_vector)

Thanks Dan!