Use Examples - Planning U-Haul Packing

I cannot find a ‘Use-Examples’ category, so I thought i would post one here.

I recently had to pack a 17-foot U-Haul truck with furniture. In order to work out the most efficient packing scheme, and develop a plan to give to my volunteer helpers, I used My.SketchUp on a laptop. I made a rectangular frame to represent the interior dimensions of the truck, and created shapes that had the dimensions of the furniture. I was then able to work out the best way to pack everything, and the order in which they should go.

This greatly helped the packing, since I could see what furniture could be stacked on each other, and also reserve items that needed to be on top of the stacks. I printed out the model, showing different stages of packing, to brief everyone before we started.


I think if you just have a screenshot of your model and post it into the “Gallery” section of the forum. I think it will be relevant! :smiley:

Very nice use of SketchUp btw.

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