Use Aluminum Profile from Warehouse

Hey, i am a new User of Sketchup for IPad. I want use the great Aluminum Profiles witch i can see in the Warehouse to build something with it. But how ? Actually i can download them but then they are fix. How i can use them ?


What do you want to model and what do you mean by “fix”?

Hey, I will try to explain it simply. I want to create a table from a framework made of aluminum profiles. I found these profiles in the Warehouse and downloaded them. Now I can’t manage to use this profile for my framework. I can’t change the length of the profile or do anything with it. What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for u help.

Which aluminium profiles? Provide a link in your next post to one you are having trouble with.

Are they components or groups? If so, you have to open one for editing before you can change its length.

Select an end face then use the pushpull tool to make it longer or shorter.

If this doesn’t make much sense to you, then view the training videos at

Can you download the profiles to a file and share it here?

Thanks for u help.

Here is a link :

Thanks again

Even on my mobile phone (for which the web version of SketchUp is not designed) I have no difficulty push pulling the profile face to whatever length I want.

What is the problem you have with this profile?

This is what I see, no difficulty either pulling the profile to length:

Now it works . I dont know what happened before