Uploading Extension


We are developing a Sketchup Extension for a company. The goal is to let the customers of the company to use this extension and also download 3DWarehouse objects via extension. So it will be free for everyone. We will upload it from the company’s Sketchup Pro account. Will there be any charges for uploading the extension? Also how long approximately it will take to launch it after the appeal?

Thank you.

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The “company” that has the “Sketchup Pro account” will need to apply to become an official SketchUp developer.

As a part of uploading … the extension needs to go through the signing process, also where you choose the type of encrypting (rbe is recommended as rbs has been cracked long ago) …

You may also need to register as a official content creator for the commercial 3D Warehouse account.

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your reply. I will share my exprerience after the launch.