Uploading 3D Models using Transmutr


Finding that most 3d model sites offer their models in other programs beside Sketchup. The plugin Transmutr can convert 3DS model files. There is mention that Sketchup works with 3DS files. When I try to upload from Transmutr it is not recognizing the 3DS file.


What do you mean by “upload”? Have you tried importing the .3ds file into SketchUp?

Are you trying to upload 3DS files to the 3D Warehouse? That won’t work - 3D Warehouse takes only SketchUp (.skp) files. 3DS files (DOS-era pre-Autodesk 3D Studio format) can be imported into SketchUp Pro. The 3DS file format has limitations, and has been largely superseded by newer file formats for 3D model file exchange.
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Thanks for the response

Too be more specific

I have been purchasing a few 3D models from Turbo Squid. The models are very high quality, but they only offer a limited amount of them for Sketchup. Most of their models are for 3DMax, they will convert the models to Sketchup but the model will most likely not be textured.

I found out that there is a plugin called Transmutr that converts files from the Turbo Squid models into Sketchup ( not the 3D warehouse).

I was hoping that I can convert the Turbo Squid model using a 3DS file into Sketchup by the Transmutr plugin. So far Transmutr is not recognizing the 3DS file. What I am hearing is the 3DS file does not offer good quality. At this stage I will most likely have to keep looking for good 3d Sketchup models or texture the models i purchase from Turbo Squid.