Upload not working in 3dw

its stack and like a week… i think its bug in my accont.

Are you uploading from within SketchUp or in a browser?
Try emptying the cache.

Sometimes I can’t upload within the program, but uploads work on the website.

If your still 2017, you can flush the web cache in 3D Warehouse by deleting the WebCache directory at ~/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2017/WebCache and restarting SketchUp.

Are you still seeing this issue?

i i work in firefox browser my su 2016 in explorer it wark somtime.

nowi up load model and its no show me in explorer

Clear cache in browsers. For SketchUp 2016, you need to clear Internet Explorer cache, then restart SketchUp.

still not work…

in firefox: Something went wrong while uploading your model. Please try again.

I’m away from a computer, but you should also delete cookiejar.xml from
\Users\YOUR_HOME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\cookiejar.xml

TRY it still not “size to large” and this is 4 mb

That shouldn’t be. Try opening a new blank model, copy everything from your old model and pasting into the new model and upload that. Does it work?

its work i think its problme in site or somthing, but tnx for help!