Upgrading from the free version to sketchup pro

I just upgraded from the Free version to sketchup pro.

But on my iMac it keeps on telling me that I am on the free version. Its somehow does not change to the Pro version. I can’t call support either because I cant find a serial number because I cant launch my Pro version. When it says “we email you the serial number” I put in my email that is hooked with my account but I dont get an eamil. I NEED HELP! I am paying for support now but there is no way to contact support without the serial number (apparently) I am under extreme stress to get this up and runnig cause I need to open files that a client sent.

Am I correct the rvt files can be opened with sketchup pro?

PLEASE someone HELP!


Did you purchase a Classic license or the Subscription license for SketchUp 2019 Pro? If the Subscription license, there’ll be no serial number/license key. You just sign in under Subscription on the Welcome screen.

What free version did you upgrade from?

As for opening rvt files, do a search for ‘Revit’ here. There are threads that discuss the options for opening them in SketchUp.

Thanks David,

See the screenshot. (hope that worked) There is on way to sign in anywhere.

Thanks Paul

It only says buy sketchup but I already purchased it.

I purchased the subscription model because it says that I have phone support. But there is no way I found a number to call

Based on your screenshot, it looks like you’re logged in and the license is active. The trial will expire in a week or so and then it won’t say that anymore. Good news is that you’ve been using the full version of the software the whole time and will continue to until the subscription expires.

Thanks for the info Monospaced

I guess the other question is how I can get somebody on the phone from support and I need to figure out how to open a rvt file?

SketchUp doesn’t open rvt files directly. There are several threads at least here on the forum that talk about importing Revit files into SketchUp.

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Support is really there if you have a problem, or if there’s a problem with the software not working as intended. In your case, you’re just looking for a workflow solution, which you can find the answer to in these forums.

Ok thanks for the info

Revit is the only application that can open .rvt files. To get them into SketchUp, you have to export them from Revit in a format SketchUp can understand. The available formats are DWG (3D or 2D) and IFC. When exporting to DWG, it is best to export 3D meshes instead of solids.
Both formats make all exported elements into unique components when imported into SketchUp, even if you have, for instance, a zillion identical Revit windows.

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Not quite, you need to log out and back in.
If you don’t, SketchUp will stop working, untill you log in, again…

Thanks Anssi,

How can I open up a DWG file in SketchUp?

File>Import. Set the file type.

It’ll look a little different on Mac but it’s the same process.

Thank you, yes its definitely different on iMac. I can’t quite find what you are referring to.

On a Mac it’s almost exactly the same. Here’s a screenshot:

you can also just ‘drag’ supported file types onto the SU viewport…


Guys I really appreciate your help but I am such a beginner. I don’t even know where that is what you are showing me on that screen shot?

I would need a click by click instructions…is there an article about this somewhere?

Open SketchUp and create a new document.
Click on the File menu and select import.
Set file type appropriately.
Navigate to the file you want to import.
Import the file.
It will import into the new document you just created.

Why did you buy SketchUp?
Will you creat your own models?
Then goto:


It will provide for the essentials…

To explore .rvt and other files, goto Trimble connect.
With your subscription, you can explore dwg and more file formats.
Log in with tour trimble ID.


Thanks, that worked. Appreciate it!