Upgrade issues from 2016 to 2017

what happens to projects created in su pro 2016 when opening for 1st time in su pro 2017? are there any typical issues?

Probably the only problem is that users then save the file as a 2017 file and can’t open it in SU2016. They can be saved as an older version but you have to purposely do it using Save as… I haven’t seen any problems otherwise.

Thank you - I’m new to the SU Community and relatively new to SU. I’m reviewing “community guidelines” to become quality member.

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Judging from the quality of your first post, I’d say you’ve made a good beginning to becoming a quality member. Your post was short, to the point, and clearly stated your question.

I encourage you to see the Welcome to our Forum … thread and add your own answers to the questions posed in the original post.


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