Upgrade from Shop to Pro?


I just learned that I can’t use third-party extensions on Shop version of SU - I purchased Shop a few days ago (12/16/20). Can someone direct me on how to upgrade from Shop to Pro? I can’t seem to find any clear way of doing so. FYI, I’m a home-owner, not a commercial user, looking to build my own cabinets and wanting to use third-party extensions for cab making.



You could use the 2017 Make version, still free for non-commercial use such as you describe.

Almost all plugins and extensions will work with that version.

Go to Download All | SketchUp, sign in with your Trimble ID or create a new one, and download the Make version for Mac OS X.

It acts as 2017 Pro for a trial 30 days, then reverts to Make, losing a few Pro-only features

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If you are going to update to SketchUp Pro, you should be able to go ahead and do the upgrade while signed in with the same e-mail and password you set up when you bought Shop. When you purchase the license it should make the adjustment in price for you because it should see your existing license.

You can, of course, use SU2017 Make as John suggested but there are other advantages of using SketchUp Pro beyond the ability to use extensions and you might find those of use so the Pro license may still make sense for you.

John and Dave,

I had downloaded the 2017 version but it booted me within a week (I think because I had been using the Free Web version for about 3 weeks prior); however, it didn’t give me an option to stay on 17 - Make. There may be/have been a way to continue using Make but I missed the cues.

For ease and productivity, but not financial sense, I went ahead and followed Dave’s suggestions and found that I was able to upgrade to Pro from Shop by going to “Manage Account” and then “Plan Settings”. Once there it gave a prorated price to upgrade.

Thank you both for your quick responses.


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