Upgrade from 2016 pro

I own a licence for sketchup pro 2016. Can I upgrade to Sketchup Pro 2017, and if so, what is the price?

I use sketchup for personal woodworking modeling for one or two projects per year. I would like to be able to access the extension warehouse and 3d model warehouse and be able to print to scale. Using solid modeling tools is a plus. What is the least expensive option for me going forward?

Thanks for your help.


Least expensive would be not to upgrade at all.
You can download collada files from the warehouse using a browser and import them into SU2016
You can download Extensions from the EWarehouse using a browser and install them into SU 2016.
You could print to scale from layout.

If it was v2016 that you bought, (and not an upgrade from v2015,) then it came with upgrade rights to Pro 2017.

So your least expensive option to get “in SketchUp” access to EW and 3DW would be to check your license for the upgrade rights. If you have rights, request a SU2017 license (ie, each yearly release has it’s own license.)

I’d still think paying a fee to upgrade to 2017 Pro would also be the least expensive of the upgrades (if you don’t have free upgrade rights.)

Check the HW & SW Requirements for SU2017 against your machine (still on a Surface Book ?)

Read the Migration page …

Thank you for your reply.
I have been using the install process for the extensions.
So far I have been able to import several items from collada files. My experience has been that once imported, they require a lot of clean up and manipulation, much more that I remember from before. Is that generally the case?

My 2016 license was an upgrade from 2015, and when I look up my licence it says upgrade rights are expired.

Sounds like you have chosen poor models, to the best of my knowledge there should be no difference between the geometry contained in a collada and the original. I may be wrong on that but you could post a link to a specific model and one of us could check it.

I looked, it seems you first bought SketchUp 7, then updated each year, until mid-2016. As it’s over three years since you had support you would need to start with a new license.

A possible complication, if you were to get a later version, is that you’re using Surface Book Pro. If it’s one of the ARM processors, those only have a 32 bit emulator for regular Windows applications. SketchUp 2017 and later are 64 bit, and cannot work on those machines.

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One handy use for exporting to Collada and importing again is that it quickly gets rid of all smoothing. That’s useful when trying to find problems in the model. It does also mean that a downloaded Collada model may not look as nice as the 3D Warehouse preview.