Update SketchUp 2017 - bitness for Mac editions

I could not update to the latest release of SketchUp 2017 M2. I have OS El Capitain 32bit. I read 32bit is not supported any more?


.* iirc * every Mac OS up from 10.7 ‘Lion’ (and higher) as your 10.11 ‘El Capitan’ is 64 bit only. Open “Applications : Utilities : Terminal” and input “uname -m”, if denoting “x86_64” it’s a 64-bit operating system, if unlikely “i386” a 32-bit OS.

What do you mean “I could not update”? Did you try it and get an error message? If so, please post that message here so somebody can analyze what is the problem.

Indeed, SU 2017 is 64-bit only. But OS X El Capitan is also 64-bit! You should have no problem installing SU 2017.

The 32 vs 64 bit should only be an issue for Windows users (as the 32-bit installer is not longer being created). For Mac there is and has always only been a single installer.

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