SketchUp 2017 on 32 bit system Windows 7

renewed 2017 sketchup pro but have a 32bit system. what to do?

Version 2017 is 64 bit only.
So you must either stick with v2016 32bit OR update your OS to 64bit.
Sorry !

Thank you TIG for the prompt response. Since I paid my $120 today and there’s no option to click on a 32bit version will I still be current for another year and able to use my existing 2016 Pro version on my existing computer? Thanks again for your guidance!

You should likely contact Customer Support directly tomorrow.

If you have not removed the license from your existing machine, and have not installed and licensed a 2017 version, then you can happily continue to use 2016 on that machine.

Please read carefully and thoroughly, all User Guide sub-chapters under:

Thank you Dan. I’ll do so first thing tomorrow. Just paid taxes so I’m positive my current 32bit is perfect!

actually even after installing the new version you can still use the previous (single user) version on the existing system, after 60 days the product activation of the previous version on a new/other system won’t work any more.

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Great news. Thank you for deleting a big worry!

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