Upcoming Change to Add Location



Thanks, this is the first time I see Digital Globe’s quota explained. Now I understand much better what is happening.


So what about Bing imagery? I don’t know what the quality/coverage outside of the US is but we use it in ESRI and Autodesk’s products.


Just wanted to clarify that the PlaceMaker tiles are 1280 x1280 not 256x256.


Bing imagery is actually Here imagery (Formerly Nokia and before that formerly Navteq) but, the coverage is focused on highly-populated areas. Bing/Here fills in the rest of the world with DigitalGlobe imagery. Google imagery has the same coverage limitations and also uses DG to fill in the rest of the world.


So if I understand you correctly Here/Bing and Google imagery are functionally equivalent. They both have coverage in highly populated areas and ‘fall back’ to DG in others. If that’s so why didn’t we get Here/Bing as a replacement?


Bing/Here and Google don’t offer imagery products which cover the whole globe. They also don’t have solutions for global terrain (that they sell).


Hi Bryceosaurus, i wanted to check back in and see if you were able to learn anything about the date stamp. Is this something that will be available or not? Any thoughts on other channels i can try to find that information?





I am a long time LOYAL user with an annual maintenance fee for updates and support. So i do not need to buy it BUT can I get the $ 100 Discount off my annual fee for the inconvenience caused
Also I have started trying out these new layers Digital globe is Fuzzy and Trimble Map does not come in at the correct scale
Please fix under my maintenance agreement. If you are nto the oerson to do this coneect me with the one who is ?


NO I purchased SKU Pro and continue to pay a handsome annual fee for "maintenance " It is obvious that this was part of the deal when Trimble bought it. Isn’t this person Jody from Trimble , if not who is please


Well it is NOT the highest quality data


BUT why should I do a work around the software company I bought it from should be doing this. In my country we have consumer protection laws which says if a product does not work as it is promoted then a refund is given. I am in Australia not Trumps America


The words used in the earlier note form Trimble said it was part of the agreement when Trimble bought it !!



You don’t need to spam the forum with 7 posts in a row. If you want to reply to different people you can tag them using the @ sign.


I did not have said this, remove me from your quote.


Its not looking like DG provides this information. Its not part of their feed to Trimble.

The data team is still trying to get an official answer but they were expecting that best granularity we could hope for would be the year the imagery was captured.

I’ll update again as soon as we hear back from DG.


Hi Tom

The promotion is only good for the purchase of new licenses. Unfortunately we are not able to offer discounts on the maintenance and support renewal fee.



Can you post an example of this? Note that road widths are not to scale but other 2D area features (grounds, parks, water features, etc) should absolutely be to scale. Accuracy depends on the data that exists in OpenStreetMap.


Thank you Bryce, appreciate the response.


PlaceMaker has just released version 1.1 which includes a new Add Location Tool that is compatible with SU2016, SU2017, Make or Pro.

More details here:


6 month trial is decent. Will the $200 price remain after the 6 months, or will it raise up out of nowhere like this really unfair feature removal?

Checking on my 2016 serial for upgrade… WHY IS THERE A RE-IN-STATEMENT FEE? $240 USD is (currently) $324.25 CAD v2017. Is this a bank? Total bull. I’m probably never going to upgrade again. Make 2017 is the workaround for this buck saving bull.

I was once an advocate for using just SketchUp, but those days are over. Only use SketchUp to import DWG, export to Blender WHICH somehow remains FREE. Use OpenStreetMap ($20 for geometry import) to geolocate the site and render with FREE cycles.