Upcoming Change to Add Location



In other words, an attempted trick. I foresee more flags in the future…




That’s an interesting approach but if you are using this for conceptual design in land planning like we do you need to be able to present with the image as the ‘base’. This tool saves all the time (=fee) you would spend to trace things and the quality was good enough to give our clients the idea of what we proposed before we moved on to more detailed design based on real survey data.


Also would be nice if this could mark multiple ‘grabs’ in the same model.


the quality from GE Pro is so much higher than even the old SU GE image, you can grab a much larger area to start with…

DO re-add the attribution if cropped off or they [Google] will find an excuse to stop this usage as well…



Where are the workarounds that give the same functionality that I pay for ? Yes I pay so I want customer service NOT volunteer help, You are all very kind but this is business NOT hobby


Contact Customer Support directly, then.


Most of the regulars on this volunteer forum pay for and use Sketchup professionally every day, myself included. To answer your question, there are no workarounds that I know of that are resulting in exactly the same functionality that existed before this change. I was encouraging that particular poster to search the forum to plug into some of the more productive discussions going on in which people are describing their new work flows and brainstorming about best options.


Who’s willing to try OOB TERRAIN and/or MAPBOX and report back?


Oob Terrain appears to use the same SRTM data that we sourced from USGS to replace Google’s deprecated 3D terrain API. I don’t think you’re going to see a significantly different terrain model from the one we’ll serve by default in SketchUp, but it is worth having a closer look to be sure.



This is awful and to me severely debilitating! I have used the geo locator on all of my projects as a supplement to property surveys.


It still works. It’s just that the source different.


Phill to the resque!

Hi guys Maperitive (maperitive.net) can export terrain to sketchup and it is FREE!

Here is a tutorial: http://braincrunch.tumblr.com/post/11651090204/maperitive-3d-export

Maperative can also export Open Street Map data to illustrator. And you can choose different maps.

I haven’t figured out the mesh point command yet. Maybe someone can help me with that.

This is a screenshot of Sydney Balmain using Maperative imported in sketchup. It took me 2 minutes to make it. I smoothed the edges to make it look better. You can overlay an aerial photograph form your favourite source.



RIP Sketchup. You were a wonderful friend and will be sorely missed.

(Accredited Google Supermodeler. Machu Picchu, Pompeii, Christ the Redeemer, Mt Rushmore, Great Wall of China, Costa Concordia…)


How are those 3d warehouse models related to this topic?


A training client today told me they’ve mostly used SketchUp for its geolocation features for years now. They said they’ll use InfraWorks by AutoDesk for their imagery needs now. My client is a huge company, I don’t even know how many SketchUp licenses they use.
The ones in my class said that after receiving SketchUp training, they now appreciate other features of SketchUp and will probably keep using it, but the geolocation imagery was the main draw for them and there is a chance some of them might stop using SketchUp.

Geolocation first pulled me into SketchUp, too. I found other reasons to love SketchUp over the years, of course, and I think it’s still the coolest thing since air conditioning, but geolocation is one of my favorite SU features. I hope these quality issues get fixed soon.


Well, he made many excelent models with the help of ‘Add Location’ and its terrain.
Too bad if there’s nothing to add (models) in the future.
@pmolsen, thanks for sharing them.


I think that he’s referring to his SketchUp models in Google Earth … here’s a screenshot of his Machu Piccu:


We just updated one of our licences from 2015 to 2017 to regain the Geo-location ability (we also upgraded from 8 to 2015 two years ago for the same reason)
We don’t fancy so much the forced upgrades to retain features that is implemented in a license you “own forever”. As the geo-location feature is one of the main reasons we use Sketchup. We are an architect firm and firstly use Revit, but for terrain and landscape Sketchup is being used.
After doing a second upgrade in order to get back the geo-location we first notice that the sattelite data is rather poor, with clouds covering parts, and pixels being so poor you cant tell houses from terrain. (this in an area we captured just a few weeks ago in 2015 with very good results.) To make it worse, we still haven’t found a location which gives us any terrain data. We only get a flat surface, and there are no terrain layer available, clicking show terrain does nothing either. (We’re located in Norway, and the terrain is very important as there is lots of it).

We are not happy to having to upgrade from 2015 to 2017 only to get back the geo-location feature - and then finding the feature to now being completely useless to us.

If there is something that could at least get the terrain back, that would be very helpful - then we’d get the map image from elsewhere and replace it, though it will add hours to a production cycle which should not be necessary.

Please post if there is any response from Sketchup about this and how they plan on going forward - and if we can expect improvements to geo-location anytime soon - because the value of the program just plunged quite a bit for our use today.

(I do understand that it’s Google’s rights on the old geo-location feature, but unfortunately the new data is not usable for anything as it is today - at least here in Norway)