Unwanted lines after Exporting to DXF


I designed a simple disk module, there are no unnecessary lines as you can see in the picture. After I export a symbol to DXF format, unwanted lines are created.

It is possible to delete the lines in this part because it is simple, but in parts in other complex parts there are a lot of lines and I wonder if there is a simpler option.

I would appreciate your help

attached skp file + screenshot


disc.skp (14.9 KB)

File > Export > 3D Model > dxf/dwg

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and in the export preferences, specify you don’t want the faces.
otherwise it’ll triangulate stuff

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Thank you for replaying

I tried without face, it cancels the 3D and turns the file into 2D.

The purpose of the conversion is to produce a file for edrawings, so I export the file to DWG format and then import to solidWorks to produce an easm file.

i have also autocad, but i dont find an option to export to easm file for edrawings.
in autocad the dwg opens without the lines…

this the way i told.

Thank You

ah, well, if you want a 3d dwg or Dxf with face, off course you’ll get the triangulation lines. that’s how it works, it decomposes faces into triangles.

when working in 3d, the only way to be 100% certain that a face is a face (a plane in fact) is to use triangles. more than 3 sides you have a risk of non-coplanarity.
so it’s fairly common when translating from one format to another to have all faces decomposed into triangles.

is there a way to export to edrawings format without the lines?

Thank you again

I checked, and edrawings can see the model in 3d if you export without faces.

here it is without faces (I did a bit of rotation) :

as expected, you get lines, and no triangulation.

here it is with exported faces.

what’s weird is as soon as you rotate, the faces disappear and you get lines again

the triangle only appear when you don’t see the faces, if the faces are visible they appear as one.

I only checked in edrawings viewer, and I don’t have autocad nor solidworks, so I can’t tell you anything more about this. Maybe there are other file format (3ds, collada…) that could be read by all your softwares and provide a better result ?