Unwanted line in layout


im sending an elevation view to layout and everything is fine. then, after i change it to hybrid this line (in the middle of the picture) shows up and dont know how to get rid of it.
The line doesn’t exist in the sketchup file.


If you are able to upload the LayOut file that will help others help you. It’s pretty much guessing otherwise.


you right



For some reason LayOut is displaying the edge of the door opening although it shouldn’t be doing that due to the section cut. You can get around it by grouping the walls on either side of the door, putting that group on its own layer and turning the layer’s visibility off for that scene. Or just moving the section plane a bit.




could you share the sketchup file too? Curious to see where the section plane is.
It might be that your section cut is exactly on the line of the wall? or close to it? Maybe if you put the section cut a tiny bit further into the room the line will go away?


No need to upload the SketchUp file. The SketchUp file is included in the LayOut file.

Moving the section plane closer to the sink would help.

I neglected to mention that there’s no need to hide section planes. Turning off their visibility with the toolbar button or the tick box in the Styles edit tab would be enough. Remember to update the style, though.



moving the section plane a little closer to the window and updating did get rid of the line. I think the section plane was right on the line of the wall and the display was “confused” as to whether to show it or not. A little like “z-fighting” perhaps where the display isn’t sure which element to show in certain views?