Unsure What's Wrong In This Model (Rotation Issues?)

I’m unsure what’s wrong with this model, but a lot of my components seem to be rotated just a bit off. It’s kind of like there was one component that was rotated just a bit too much and I’ve been basing my guide lines off of it? Is there a way to correct these errors without having to individually adjust each component?


Go into the ‘Edit’ tab of the Styles window… and under the Edge settings. . . select the option to use Color by Axis

In doing so you’ll quickly be able to see the edges which are in alignment to the major Axis directions, as they will be colored to match the axis which they are aligned to (and conversely those edges which aren’t in alignment won’t be colored).

I don’t know of a one step procedure to fix all of these. I’d start by editing the Component, and IF the problem is built into that—then you certainly should begin there… that in itself may fix many instances of it in a single step.

In addition to what you point out… I do see that your (top) two front edges are not parallel, so there’s something going on in addition to a mis-aligned guideline (/rotation issues).

It would be nice to see the entire model so the full context of the problem can be looked at.

As things stand now, It’s hard to say what the best approach to take is. It all depends on how many windows there are, and what their orientation or arrangement is.

For any windows evenly spaced along a single wall… I’d likely make an argument for deleting them, Fix the rotation for the first in the row, and then making a new array to fill out the rest of the wall.

Windows aligned in different axes will likely need to be dealt with independently.

Thanks a bunch! I had no idea when the error was introduced, and thought it was a problem for a lot more of the model than it was. 7 windows, and 4 columns had issues, and it was pretty easy to fix them.

Checking everything individually would have been a nightmare, but the color-by-axis trick made it very fast!

Going to check the rest of the model carefully to make sure no other errors have been introduced before continuing.

Color by axis is a great tool for finding substantial misalignments. But be aware that it works to within a tolerance and won’t find edges that are only a tiny amount crooked. Alas, it can miss ones that are far enough out of alignment to cause problems with pushpull and with things such as windows cutting holes.

You may have accidentally changed the drawing axis. It’s worth checking that you arent correcting things to the wrong orientation.
As a test, right click on the red axis line and select reset from the context menu. If things change you know the root of your issue.

Components have their own axis and gluing plane for that matter and scaling if you replace one with another. When you bring a component into a SU model the alignment should be almost automatic not with standing the issues noted above :slight_smile:
Can you explain a little more the details of you problem. My sense is there is some other issue also. I hate this type of suggestion but it can get a little complicated : Have you read the help section??
If possible post your skp file here.