Reconfirm Alignment Axis Issues

I’ll include a few screenshots to begin with. Here is my issue. I am creating a grid pattern and seem to have have my guidelines in a single corner 3 3/16" below the other 4 corners. It is creating havoc on trying to line up my components edge to edge.

Do I need to redraw and just reset all components? Is this a work around? I have a few issues that I realized after trying to repair it. It appears that the original bottom alignment guideline was partially deleted on 1 side leading toward the corner that is dropped. I must have reset it at different angle than parallel to the green axis and thought it was correct.

Thanks for the input!

using styles,edit,edges you can color by axis, which would show up on any of the components, raw geometry, groups

however the guide lines remain same…you could then match a line to each to see if color okay

Unfortunately your screenshots plus the text do not make much sense to me.

One thing is clear though, you have way too many guides. In these amounts they are most likely being counterproductive to you. (confusing view and the cursor snaps to unwanted locations).

Use guides sparsely and delete these when done. Rely more on the inferencing engine.

What are you trying to create? Does it need to be flat on the ground or with Z= equal for the bottom geometry?

Yes it is a T-Grid system and bottom lip does need to be level to ground.

is it easier to model this way or is this something you turn on to confirm tight edits?

Do you know how to make an array of components?

No. But I will be looking it up shortly. I have only been learning the app for about 1 month now working on conceptual project we are developing and had some down time to do so. Figured who would better know how to build what we are thinking than on of the people who is thinking it.

Have a look at this.

Thanks Box. That would have saved me hours upon hours.!! I will be reviewing and using from now.