Unstraight line in autocad how can i fix this?

unstraight line…if i draw a line noy straight how can i fix this?

delete and redraw

Pick Move Tool (M) > left click ‘vertex’ > hold shift (to constraint axe) and hover to your target position and left click

What does this have to do with AutoCAD?

Your screen shot doesn’t provide enough information. How about uploading the SketchUp file?

It looks to me as if you have the camera set to Perspective and you’re viewing the lines from slightly to the right of straight on and not from straight above… That would create the sort of look you show even thought the lines are at 90 degrees.

I think we need clarification of what you mean by “straight”. Do you mean not running exactly left-to-right (or top-to-bottom, or some other to-be-specified direction) across the screen? Do you mean that you didn’t want the corner shown in your image, that the two segments should lie on the same line?

And also, as @DaveR has already written, what has this to do with Autocad? Do mean that you thought the line was “straight” in Autocad, but in SketchUp it is not? Once again that begs clarification of what you mean by straight.

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