Unsigned extensions?

Its a bit childish to advertise many very good and stable extensions as ‘unsigned’ meaning ‘no good’ in the extension manager. Besides it takes a lot of superfluous screenspace out of a useful list. Please rectify?

your interpretation of unsigned is flawed

Might be, I think it is info I don’t need in a userinterface, its backend for somebody coding out there.

Unsigned means the extension is not guaranteed to have been created by a developer known by Trimble. In theory this is very relevant to the user as it could be used to distinguish potentially dangerous plugins from safe ones. In practice anyone can sign up to be an extension developer and could create dangerous signed extensions. Also a lot of good extension developers don’t have all of their extensions signed.

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I think there is also a practical reason for signing. SketchUp has a lot of users and some of them often tend to send complaints about non-working (or working in an unexpected way) extensions/plug-ins right to SketchUp’s support (not to extension’s author). I think that SketchUp team was in some sense forced to come up with some solution, which may help to decrease or at least manage somehow all that feedback (which mostly not even related directly to SketchUp itself). As for me I think that signing appears to be a reasonable solution.

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