Unknown why several models of mine have been permanently set to private


Hi there. I was reviewing my 3d warehouse portfolio and I have noticed that several of my models have been permanently set to private for violating terms of service. I am not sure where I need to go with this. I don’t understand what caused many of them to get permanently locked. If there is something I am doing wrong, I would like to know what that is so I can change it if they are in fact in violation…

Are they cars of a well known label? Many of them have been removed or locked of late.

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Hi there. Well, They are automotive. But some of them are of my own branding, which are not even made to look like anyone else’s products. I have made generic turbochargers and those got locked up, No brand in particular. Just generic.

I have also made engines of my own design and those got the lock and key as well.

Sorry, I know no more.

Thanks. Well, Hopefully I can get some answers so that I can decide whether or not to feature my work elsewhere or not.

Hey Doc! Nice work, by the way. Usually, only trademark violations that are brought to our attention will be made private. Let me look into it and see what I find out…
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I just did a quick look and I see a lot of private models that have the Cummins name brand in the title. I’m still gathering info, but I’d be willing to bet they are one of the real sticklers for IP protections. I’ll ask someone who would know for certain, tomorrow (during business hours).

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Beautiful scope of work Doc.

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hey doctrip i know you and your name is redhawk, i know your work, your profile shows car engines. i used to upload car models there but trademark issues won’t let upload car models of certain brands. turbosquid also don’t have bmw and ferrari models even bike models of bmw.

a friend from america complained that it’s lamborghini turn.