Model uploaded to warehouse has been locked

A model of a car wheel I created and uploaded has been locked. It says it violates the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use. There is no further information given and no link to appeal. I’ve contacted SketchUp support but have not received a response as of yet.

Anyone had a similar issue and manage to resolve it?

There really should be more information given and a simple method to appeal directly from the model

Did you have any brand name attached to it, either in the model or in tags? Some companies do not want their product associated with other people’s models.

That’s probably it. I wrote in the description that the design was similar to the wheels found on the Lamborghini Countach and some Alfa Romeos… I removed the brand names as soon as I saw it was locked, in case that was the issue but it obviously didn’t resolve the issue on it’s own

One of the 3d team may give you more information, but as a test you could upload the model again with a different name and no brand reference and see if the same thing happens.

I’ll give it a day or two to see if the SU Support responds, then I’ll try that. Thanks

Use of Trademarks owned by others is prohibited by 3D Warehouse Terms of Use.

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To DMCA a model for casually mentioning a car brand in the description of the model is beyond ridiculous, but unfortunately it’s the world we have to live in for now…

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