Unknown model in my private collection

I have a collection where I keep only the models that I have drawn. However, I have discovered that there is now a model that is not mine that has somehow been added (not by me) to my collection. How I do I get rid of this unwanted model? Thanks

Send me a PM with the url to your userid and I’ll take a look.

OK, @rfritz (can you mark as resolved, please) and I worked this out over the week-end. It’s NOT a private collection that had a model added, it’s a search on his business. And while the relevance search relegated the rogue model to the last 3 of 234 results, it’s just kinda weird why someone would do that. I asked him to comment on that person’s model and ask… was it a typo, or a deliberate attempt to get in on searches from @rfritz 's fine models. If you run into issues like this, first try to contact the person: it could be an honest mistake. Second, you can “Report Abuse” in the lower right of that model’s page, and we’ll take a look at it. And that’s how this one will proceed.