Uninstall 3skeng

I downloaded and installed 3skeng which is listed in the Extension Warehouse. I did not realize I was not installing thru Ext Warehouse. The makers of 3skeng provide no info how to uninstall their trial. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’ve never used it, so don’t know if it installs in Program Files (some extensions do) or whether it’s entirely in the Plugins folder. If there’s no obvious method of install, you can simply delete its files from the Plugins folder…there must be a ruby file there at least.
The location of the latest versions of SU on a Windows system is
User(name)/App Data/Roaming.SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/ SketchUp/Plugins

Hi Herb, hi folks.

You may try using this E-Mail address : support@3skeng.com


Thanks Jean.

Surely others like me have had a more difficult time than necessary trying to do this.


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Thank you all,

I did uninstall from the Programs through Windows 10. Took a while to remember to right click the Windows icon to get access to Control Panel and Programs.