Unfold/Flattery issues

Typically I wouldnt ask for help like this, but is there any way somebody can help me unfold an object and then send me the file? Im new to sketchup but im proficient with 2d autocad and i am struggling with this. I found a car model somebody did on the internet and im trying to extract the spoiler from that model. I want to unfold the model and then transfer that to autocad where i can scale it to fit my car. I can print it on large/multiple pages and transfer them to either cardboard or foam.Then I can make a foam plug and make a fiberglass mold. If somebody could help me out with this I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Rather than line up a particular volunteer in advance and then convey him the model, why not just post the model? I’m pretty sure you’ll get at least one flat spoiler pattern.

In general, if you post a clear question with a model, it’s a one-round dialog.


What is the best way to post a model?

This is the model that i want the spoiler from

Oh, that should be sufficient.


(Although, for your information, the horizontal bar with the up arrow on the edting toolbar is the upload command.)

I tried that and it said file too large. Thanks for your help Gully! I just need somebody’s help with this project. I have tried multiple ways of replicating this spoiler in the real world using clay and also trying to us foam blocks to carve the shape and it just isnt working. If I can make a cardboard template this way I think it will be a great starting point!

The unfold tool is more for flattening sheet metal for bending etc. Spoiler design is probably more like compound curves. I think you will have to plan on some type of lofting approach??
Save the file to a file sharing site like drop box and then share file and post url here or you can compress it ( zip) and maybe get under the forum limit :grinning:
If I search 3dWH for sport car in returns 4000+ hits and you want us to search, come on at least give us name or author!

The warehouse link above takes you straight to it.

Thanks I clicked on it but nothing . did not think to try logo at bottom

I’m not too worried about the compound curves even though it would be great if somehow the curves could be achieved after the model was made in 2D. Basically I will use this as the foundation to for the spoiler and will serve as the skeleton. I can add spray foam or clay to it if I have to to get the final shape. I just need something to get me close

Also, I really appreciate the help and quick replies! I’m a member on many different forums and I can’t recall ever getting this kind of support on a topic so quickly. You guys are awesome!

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You’re probably better off having a go yourself. Flattery is pretty straight forward, click each face in turn to unfold it.
You can then flatten it to suit the patterns you want.

Here is a quick section to show what you can produce. And remember because they are complex curves you wont get one flat piece.

I messed around with the model on sketchup using flattery and I couldnt get the spoiler even remotely close to what you are doing there

Here is the extracted spoiler for the 3d WH model. IMHO you can extract section profiles at what intervals you want to help with model making. There are some obvious 3d WH model issues as usual . Hope the are not a problem.car_mac1_spoiler.skp (42.1 KB)
I did not include the attatchment blocks just the trunk lid part. :smiling_imp:

Thanks mac7595!!! Any chance I could get you to do the little spoiler extension triangular pieces that sit on the quarter panels?

You you needQtr panel spolier extension left side.skp (34.8 KB) to do is copy it out. The attached is for the left side you will have to mirrow for the right. You need to read abut axis control since you will have to make sure they are set ok for the mirrow. If you look close to above post the end surfaces\ faces are warped and probably should be changed. I did have some problem for this very reason so left them as is :smiling_imp:

You’re the man!!!

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