Unexpected file format :(

First time it happened to me, I have no idea why. No crash, I have safely closed my file after saving, next time I try to open it it’s giving me the unexpected file format. Can anything be recovered? :frowning: I have managed to recover an older version, but that’s still hours of work lost… Thank you.


@colin is sometimes able to recover components and materials and he’ll probably be along soon.

Where have you been saving the file? To the cloud?

Thank you, Dave, I appreciate your response! I have been saving the file directly on my local drive… Hope Colin will be able to help…

Not much of the file was recovered. Nothing in the scene, but check to see if any components are recovered:

Ahh, that sucks… Thank you so much for trying, anyway. It means a lot.

Hi @colin I have the same problem with my file. I already tried other applications, even imported it in AutoCAD but it won’t read the file. It is an autosave file which I copied in my old unit and I could not find the original file. Is there any way that the content be recovered?

Here is the link of my file: Dropbox - AutoSave_NANANA.skp - Simplify your life

Hope you could help.
Thank you!

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