"Unexpected File Format" Error

My sketchup file won’t recover and keeps crashing everytime I try opening it. It keeps showing Unexpected File Format error and opens a blank file. Tried recovering the backup file as well, but the same issue.


upload your model here by draging it or (if too big) pasting a link to a cloud service, @colin can have a look at it and try to recover it

I was able to recover the file. One group had problems, so may be missing.

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It would help to clean up your file. I fixed incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff from your file. That reduced the file size by about 64%.
Screenshot - 7_20_2023 , 1_41_40 PM

Screenshot - 7_20_2023 , 1_43_03 PM

Wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the excess geometry in your imported CAD file. The bounding box shouldn’t be so large and if you don’t need the extra floor plans or any of it, now that you have a 3D model, remove it. There’s some hidden geometry a long way away from the floorplans. If that isn’t useful, erase it. Maybe that other hidden stuff could be removed, too.