Unexpected File Error

Hi, I am having some problems opening a file. I got the error Unexpected File Format; yesterday, it was working fine, I tried all the possible guides and tips I have found on the Web, but nothing seemed to work. The file was not located on a drive o network drive. It was saved on my local disk. Can anyone help?
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnzCEK8poKX0hfQMfJM8S-fFvg3xNg?e=hJjCTs you can find the file at the link

Thank in advance

I was able to recover your file:


Colin recovered your file but there are some things you should do with it before you get back into modeling in it.

  1. Select the entire model. In Edit, choose Invert Selection. There are 7 entities at some huge distance from the rest of the model. Delete them.

  2. You should fix the incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
    Screenshot - 5_19_2022 , 9_59_48 AM

  3. Purge unused stuff from your model.
    Screenshot - 5_19_2022 , 10_00_21 AM

  4. Fix incorrectly oriented faces. There should be no exposed blue back faces in the model.

  5. You should learn about using groups and component for your model. tHat will make it easier to manage the geometry you add. As it is, everything but the entourage you added from the 3D Warehouse is loose geometry.

  6. Many of the entourage components in your model could stand to go on a crash diet. They are overly detailed for the way you are using them. These components are more of a liability than a benefit. For example, the throw on the couch is nearly 159,000 entities. Simplifying the components will make it easier on your computer and on you.

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