Unexpected face holes with "cut opening" components

Hi, maybe someone could help me with this problem.
When I am using a lot of components with “cut opening” option I receive unexpected holes around my components on faces. Do you how solve this problem?

There is the image which shows the problem.

This would suggest your walls aren’t flat. Turn on hidden geometry and you will most likely see edges in the area you get holes.

Edit, here is an example.

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I am sure walls are flat

Turn on Hidden Geometry and go to Monochrome view and show us a screenshot of that.

Ok then, can’t tell you more without seeing the model itself.
Can you attach it?

That happens sometimes when your hole cutting components are tangent to the edge of a face or in other peculiar situations. It’s pretty random so I cannot reproduce it all the time.

If you move that window 0.0001m up, I bet it won’t happen.

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I cannot share entire model, but when I cutting this model in smaller pieces problem disappears itself. Hole persist only when I am copying this face with component into a new file. Small piece of model.skp (741.4 KB)

JQL, on the second screenshot you can see that all edges are parallel (walls and windows, blue red and green).

Ok, I got it! Thank You!

Box, thank You too for your time!

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