Unexpected error file format

I was trying to save my file in another folder and this message appered, and somehow now lost acess to my skb file as well. PLEASE MY FILE IS VERY IMPORTANTE AND IT WAS FINISHED, I NEED HELP AND THE MESSAGE UNEXPECTED FORMAT STILL APPEARS. I HAVE A PRESENTATION TO SHOW TO MY CLIENTS AND NOW I CANT!

@colin PLEASE HELP!!!

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (Web). Is that true?

Where were you saving the file?

If you share the .skp file it might be that @colin can work his magic although it is Sunday and he’s not on the clock.

I download the latest version on web just now, but the one I do use is 2020 installed on my notebook. I was saving in a shared folder. The file looks perfect on my desktop but when I try to open it says that message. My english is not so good. How do I share the file?

Please correct your profile so it shows the right version. This is important information for others to be able to help you.

Does that mean out in the cloud or on a network?

You could look for the .skb backup file, rename it to .skp and try opening it.

I expect your file is too large to upload directly so upload it to Drop Box or We Transfer and share the link.

Network folder! The skb wont open as well!

As is usually the case, I only recovered components, materials, tags, and styles. There is nothing to be seen in the model. You would need to rebuild things by dragging components from the Components tray.

Something else you could try is to get Properties on the file in its network folder, and look at the Previous Versions tab. If you have that feature turned on, Windows may have some older versions of the file that you can use.