Undo a component?

I have made a component in a system, copied it with in the system and now I can’t pull a copy out to use elsewhere. How do you undo a component with losing the drawn piece?

What is it you really want to do? If you just need another copy of the component, find it in the In Model components collection in the Components window. Select it and place the copy where you want it in the drawing. Nothing to undo.

Not quite sure I understand you, but it may be that what you need is to highlight the component, R-click and Save As… to put the component into a file.

In another model, you can File/Import it to get it into the new model.

Or you could copy it to the clipboard, open a new or different model, then either Paste, or Paste in place, to get it into the second model

Make sure that you are not trying to copy something from SU 2017 and bringing it into SU 2016. It will not allow you to switch to a lower year. You might already known this and it’s not the issue but just throwing it out there.

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