Unable to use Image Search on Ipad Pro (Paid Subscription)

Hello, I am not able to use the Image search feature on my iPad Pro. I do have a monthly subscription I just signed up for via my iPad that gets paid via my apple ID. And that is currently on its “7 Day Free Trail”, wondering if that is the issue or maybe its not a included feature. If anyone could please help me, that would be appreciated.

Thank you

I can see your monthly subscription ok, so it ought to work.

Let’s see if @TheGuz can find out for sure if image search is available for the monthly subscription.

Hello… Yesterday morning I noticed your message and I started to see if I could recreate the issue on my iPad Pro. You should have access to image search in 3DW, so wondering if it finally picked up your subscription. Would you mind logging out and back into your SU iPad app and seeing if that solves it? If you could kill the app entirely before you log back in that would be even better. Thanks.