Unable to sign in for new purchase

When I try to sign into SU, after entering my email and password, it asks for the code from my authenticator app, something I have but never use. When I try to use the code from google authenticator, the sign in says wrong code entered. No other options for sign in are offered.

What version of SketchUp do you have? Your profile is confusing. SketchUp Pro subscription or 2020? The process is different for each. Please correct your profile.

Just purchased 2022 and am trying to sign in.

And, BTW, I have two accounts. One (gmail) opens perfectly but unfortunately my purchase is linked to my other (comcast) account which I can’t get into.

You might have another authenticator app?
Is the email adres showing in the other the same?

I have two, Google and Microsoft. I tried both with no luck.

What happens if you use the sign in with Google, or sign in with Microsoft, with the corresponding email address?

Same thing. I think this is being taken care of by
Creation Engine, where I purchased. They are switching purchase over from comcast account to gmail account which I can access. Thanks for your help.

Problem taken care of. I’m up and running. Thanks all.