Unable to load saved sketchup project html WEB

Newbie to Sketchup & 3d software
I saved my first web version project yesterday - it saves as html.
When I try to open the file the next day a square comes up with a broken pic icon
Ive clicked on the html file which saved to my desktop.
Also I moved the html file to the folder with all the elements I created yesterday and tried to open from there as well.

Thank you

What did you do to save the file? Did you click on Save in the browser’s File menu? The correct way to save the file is to click on Save to the right of the file folder icon or Save as… in the file folder icon and then Save. Unfortunately using Save from the browser’s File menu does not save the Sketchup model. A properly saved SketchUp file will have the extension .skp.


Thanks DaveR - I did have 2 files there too - for some reason they did not show earlier when I clicked file open.

Working now - many thanks

You can also use the Download option to save a file to your computer as an extra backup.

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Thanks for the helpful tip Dave

No worries Hal.

Now open the pod bay doors!

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